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14 days ago

qSocks snippets extension for VSCode

Stefan Stoichev qlik sense   snippet   vscode  

At the moment VSCode is my preferred code editor (although I'm side using Atom sometimes as well). And when I'm writing something which uses qSocks I've always have GitHub and Qlik Sense help site ope…

6 months ago

Qlik Sense Mail Notifications

Stefan Stoichev qlik   qlik sense   notifications   log4net  

One feature that is missing in Qlik Sense is to send mail notifications when task is completed (fail or success). This feature is available in QlikView Server and I'm finding it very useful. I've foun…

6 months ago

Qlikview Notify

Stefan Stoichev qlikview   notify  

Recently we had data issue and few documents was affected by this. We notified the users by adding textboxes in these documents with a warning an explanation. But while this particular data issue was…

7 months ago

GetProgress() (Qlik Sense)

Stefan Stoichev

Part of one of my projects was to reload app on the fly. The whole process is working fine (more on this in a different post) but wanted to show the reload progress to the user. For this purpose we c…

7 months ago

US Map Simplified (Qlik Sense Extension)

Stefan Stoichev qlik sense   extension   states  

Couple of weeks back Alexander Karlsson (@mindspank) posted a tweet with idea for a new Qlik Sense extension. The extension should look like this: Basically the extension should have a rectangle for…

a year ago

Qlikview IP --> IP Range mapping

Stefan Stoichev qlikview   intervalmatch   ip   range  

Recently I had a task to map set of ip addresses to country in Qlikview. I've found a nice dataset that can give me this link but the dataset was for ip range to country. For example: RangeFrom ,…