Qlik Sense Custom Hub

Qlik Sense Custom Hub

I like how flexible Qlik Sense is. With its massive API if we want we can re-build the GUI (and not only) from scratch and just use the background services (like the Engine or Repository).

I have some (small) issues with how the current Hub looks and behaves and decided to build something simple that fits my needs.

At the end I've wanted something simple that will provide me with quick search capabilities, few shortcuts and the options to create, delete and duplicate files.

And below is the final result

The code is available in GitHub

Just a search box, list with all the apps (to which I have access) and create new app button.


For the search easyautocomplete plugin is used.

The search works as any other search box. The search is performed on the QS apps titles

Create new app

Pressing the top right green button will show the create new app modal

Here the name of the new app is specified and which will be the initial screen after the app is created. As developer (and not only) "Data editor" or "Data manager" are the main ones.


Agains each app few shortcuts are present

  • to which stream the app belongs
  • open the "App Overview"
  • open the "Data Manager"
  • open the "Data Editor"
  • open the "Data Model Viewer"
  • Duplicate app (not available in Desktop mode)
  • Delete app

Hope you liked it!