US Map Simplified (Qlik Sense Extension)

Couple of weeks back Alexander Karlsson (@mindspank) posted a tweet with idea for a new Qlik Sense extension.
The extension should look like this:
US states

Basically the extension should have a rectangle for each state. The rectangles should be ordered so they will look like USA map. In each rectangle there should be two text values - top one is the state name in short format (WA, ID, MT etc.) and some value (user specified)

This looked simple enough so i can use it as use case and practice my d3 skills.

Overall after I've managed to put the rectangles in place and "bind" them to QS hypercube there was nothing much interesting to be done.
But I've wanted to make this extension a bit more useful and interesting.


The useful part was that the extension objects (texts and rects) can be auto sized based on the extension object size (based on the screen resolution)

Auto size


The interesting part that I've added option to enable d3 Lasso support. With it you can easily select group of states

d3 Lasso

Dimensions and expressions

You can add 1 dimension ( the field that contains the states names) and 2 expressions:

  • the calculation that will be shown as value
  • (optional) the color of the rectangle. If this expression is not available the color will be based on the defined option

Various of options are available and they are mostly about the colors ,font colors and sizes.

You can find the extension in Qlik Branch and in Github

Hope you like it!