Qlik Sense Console (Chrome extension)

In Qlikview if there is a need to test/debug something developers are just creating some textboxes or straight/pivot tables right next to the dashboard (or in another sheet). In Qlik Sense it's bit more tricky because the free space is kinda limited and if the need to check is on top of already fixed dashboard then some free space need to be made which involve some re-arrangement which I'm not big fan of.

Because of the above reason I've made a Chrome extension that will put these request/questions in Chrome Dev Tools (Ctrl + Shift + i)

The extension is using qsocks to connect to Qlik Sense.


Qlik Sense Desktop

  • install the extension

  • open Qlik Sense in Chrome (http://localhost:4848)

  • open an app

  • navigate to Tool --> More Tools --> Developer Tools (or press Ctrl + Shift + i)

  • click on "Qlik Sense Console"

  • you will see the server address and app path (based on the url)

  • if you see and QS version next to the server then the communication between the extension and QS is established

  • press "Open" next to the document name

  • in a second (depends on the app size) the dimensions dropdown will be populated and the expressions text area will became enabled

  • choose your dimension (or leave the "empty dimension" if you want the "QV textbox" behaviour.

  • type your expression in the text area and press "Caclulate" button

  • enjoy the result

Qlik Sense Server

One additional step need to be made if you are using QS Server - add the extension id to the allowed origins. To do this:

  • open QS QMC
  • Virtual Proxies
  • double click on the Default one
  • check "Advanced" from the right menu
  • "Add new value" button
  • add the extension id: ljeoadpijoacanhinddngndcalkggkmf
  • "Apply"
  • wait for the proxy to restart
  • from this point onwards the steps are the same as per the desktop edition.
Future development
  • error messages
  • multiple dimensions (done in v0.9.1)
  • view calculations history and option to re-execute them (done in v0.9.1)
  • sorting the result table (done in v0.9.1)
  • export the results (done in v0.9.1)
  • different visualizations?
Update (v0.9.1 05/07/2015)
  • multiple dimensions
  • history - track each calculation execution. option to reuse them
  • result table design is changed
  • result table is sortable (multiple column sort is possible holding the Shift key)
  • option to export/download the result table



Hope you like it!