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a year ago

Qlik Sense Mail Notifications

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One feature that is missing in Qlik Sense is to send mail notifications when task is completed (fail or success). This feature is available in QlikView Server and I'm finding it very useful. I've foun…

2 years ago

Qlik Sense Console (Chrome extension)

qlik   sense   console   api   mashup  

In Qlikview if there is a need to test/debug something developers are just creating some textboxes or straight/pivot tables right next to the dashboard (or in another sheet). In Qlik Sense it's bit mo…

3 years ago

Styled listbox (Qlik Sense Extension) (Updated)

extension   qlik   sense   listbox   style  

I'm missing the option to present Qlik Sense listboxes in a different ways (Not that I don't like the default one I'm just missing it) So I've made an extension that can represent field values as Chec…

3 years ago

QMC Viewer

qlikview   qlik   sense   management   console  

If you manage multiple Qlik servers (Qlikview or Sense) and need to access the management consoles multiple times per day you usually keep a list of servers urls somewhere (at least this is what I hav…

3 years ago

Develop Qlik Sene extension with Chromebook

extension   qlik   sen   chromebook   chrome os  

I've started playing with Qlik Sense extensions these days and pretty much I'm happy with the process in overall. You can develop extensions using Workbench (if you have Qlik Sense Desktop installed)…