QMC Viewer

If you manage multiple Qlik servers (Qlikview or Sense) and need to access the management consoles multiple times per day you usually keep a list of servers urls somewhere (at least this is what I have). In this case opening this list every time or try to remember server url might be a bit frustrating sometimes.

For this reason I've made a little Chrome packaged app that can help a little.
The app itself is pretty simple. It is possible to add all the QMC urls and the app will display the selected server url in webview control
The app will also generate shortcuts for all main QMC categories (like Source Documents, User Documents, Licenses etc.)

In settings page is available option to specify if the server is Qlikview or Qlik Sense. Based on the setup the app will generate the proper links.

The urls format in settings page should be:
QlikView: http://server:4780/qmc
Qlik Sense: https://server/qmc

You can download the app from Chrome web store

Screenshot QMC Viewer

You can find the source code in the github repo

Hope you like it!