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a year ago

Qlikview Notify

qlikview   notify  

Recently we had data issue and few documents was affected by this. We notified the users by adding textboxes in these documents with a warning an explanation. But while this particular data issue was…

2 years ago

Qlikview IP --> IP Range mapping

qlikview   intervalmatch   ip   range  

Recently I had a task to map set of ip addresses to country in Qlikview. I've found a nice dataset that can give me this link but the dataset was for ip range to country. For example: RangeFrom ,…

2 years ago

Radial Tree and Zoomable Sunburst (Qlikview extensions) (Updated)

qlikview   extension   radial tree   sunburst   d3  

We have a project in which we are working with menu navigation data (more like parent-child relation / hierarchical data). Although there are few approaches and solutions we've picked few visualisati…

2 years ago

Check for updates for Qlikview extension

qlikview   extension   update  

After installing Qlikview extension I'm usually forgetting to check if the extension have new versions. From time to time I'm remembering to check but this is not on very regular basis. Last week I'v…

2 years ago

Save Qlikview table as csv without header

qlikview   noheader   csv  

Few months back I've needed a way to save Qlikivew table (during reload) to csv/txt file but without the field header (still cant remember the reason for this). But today I've saw that someone else is…

2 years ago

Wearable Qlikview

qlikview   wearable   pebble   smartwatch  

While waiting for my new and shiny Pebble Time I've finally managed to spend some time and play with Pebble API. And of course one of the first questions was is it possible to make a link between Pebb…