Qlikview and Gist

Until now I didn't find a good way to re-use code in Qlikview. I've tried few ways to achieve it but was never totally happy with the result.

I'm using Gist from time to time but a lot of my gists are private (most of them are project specifics) and for this reason I was thinking that it's impossible to use Gist snippets from inside Qlikview.

But recently I've found that private gists are not so private after all. If you know the exact url the gist is displayed even when you're not log in.

If you follow this link you will find one test snipped that is actually private.

From the picture bellow you will see that the snipped is private


Using this "workaround" it's very easy to include any snippet in Qlikview script:


Wish everybody Happy New Year!