FixedContent (Qlikview Extension)

Every QlikView app have a section with available selections (usually on top or in the left side or both). This sections are static and are not visible all the time when the user scroll (if the tab contains more content which cannot fit on the visible screen).

I was missing "fixed" selections areas in QlikView from time to time but never did anything about it.

In desktop/IE plugin is not possible to have it but AJAX client is a different story. And the result is FixedContent.

FixedContent is a QlikView document extension that can change the CSS of QlikView object(s) so they appear as fixed when the page is scrolling.

To identify which objects need to be fixed just change their ObjectID to include "_fixed" string.

For example the original ObjectID TX01 should became "TX01_fixed".

The extension will take care also for tabrow and the AJAX toolbar. Both toolbars will be fixed automatically for the document.

Form the video below you can see how it behave. Since this is a web view in the desktop client the gap at the top will be filled with the AJAX toolbar when the document is open in web browser.


Macro Helper

Instead changing the ids if the required objects manually, I've made a macro that will change it automatically for all selected/active objects. Also there is another sub that will restore the id to original for the selected objects.

You can find the subs in the repo.

Direct link to QAR file

Hope you like it!