Automatic Deny

Recently had to resolve one simple issue regarding the who can see specific qvw files.

The issue was that some customers will need to see their reports by login on the development server. Which as you might guess contain all bunch of development files (and other keep coming).

We have designed the folder structure to have one public folder in which the main file(s) will be placed.

So now on development server we also have one public folder with official files and many more filder which customer was not supposed to view and access.

To solve it I've ended with making a little app that will monitor the public folder and set the "deny" full control permission for customer user group for all new/changed/renamed files that are different from the file that customer will access.

Here is the screenshot of the app:

I've also added a way manualy to change Allow/Deny permissions of a file for a specific user/group

You can download the app from here

For now didn't think what else to add to the app but will keep you posted :)

Hope you like it!