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The Technology team asked me these days is it possible to provide them with live data who are the active qlikview users and which documents are accessed. This info is visible in the Management console but since our environment is a cluster with 3 QV servers if you want to check the active users you need to constantly click around to get the info.

So I've ended making small c# console app that uses the Management API to extract this info in csv or json format and store the data in file. So now I can schedule the execution for the app and give Technology the link to the output file.

The app accept 3 parameters:

  • output - the path to the file, where the data will be saved. If this parameter is not provide the app will return the data straight in the console

  • format - json or csv (default is csv)

  • append - append the new data to the output file or overwrite it. true or false (default true)

The output data have 4 columns - timestamp, server, document and userid (in next version will try and add username column)

In the repo is also available example Node.js script which shows how to call the app from node script.

Github repo

Hope you like it!