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a year ago

US Map Simplified (Qlik Sense Extension)

qlik sense   extension   states  

Couple of weeks back Alexander Karlsson (@mindspank) posted a tweet with idea for a new Qlik Sense extension. The extension should look like this: Basically the extension should have a rectangle for…

2 years ago

Radial Tree and Zoomable Sunburst (Qlikview extensions) (Updated)

qlikview   extension   radial tree   sunburst   d3  

We have a project in which we are working with menu navigation data (more like parent-child relation / hierarchical data). Although there are few approaches and solutions we've picked few visualisati…

2 years ago

Check for updates for Qlikview extension

qlikview   extension   update  

After installing Qlikview extension I'm usually forgetting to check if the extension have new versions. From time to time I'm remembering to check but this is not on very regular basis. Last week I'v…

3 years ago

Styled listbox (Qlik Sense Extension) (Updated)

extension   qlik   sense   listbox   style  

I'm missing the option to present Qlik Sense listboxes in a different ways (Not that I don't like the default one I'm just missing it) So I've made an extension that can represent field values as Chec…

3 years ago

Develop Qlik Sene extension with Chromebook

extension   qlik   sen   chromebook   chrome os  

I've started playing with Qlik Sense extensions these days and pretty much I'm happy with the process in overall. You can develop extensions using Workbench (if you have Qlik Sense Desktop installed)…

3 years ago

FixedContent (Qlikview Extension)

qlikview   extension   fixed   selections   11.2  

Every QlikView app have a section with available selections (usually on top or in the left side or both). This sections are static and are not visible all the time when the user scroll (if the tab con…