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2 years ago

Check for updates for Qlikview extension

qlikview   extension   update  

After installing Qlikview extension I'm usually forgetting to check if the extension have new versions. From time to time I'm remembering to check but this is not on very regular basis. Last week I'v…

3 years ago

Pack Bookmarks (Chrome) (Update 3)

update   chrome  

Extension update (v1.2.4): extension now have a button to short the current tab. The short link point directly to current tab url. Chrome web store link Hope you like it! Stefan…

3 years ago

MongoDB bulk update and insert

mongodb   update   bulk   set  

Just a note to myself (kinda) how to perform bulk update in MongoDB. (it took me some time to figure it out) // OrderId = [1,2,3,4,5,6] BulkUpdate(OrderId, function() { console.log('done'); }…