Process CPU/RAM Usage

Recentyl I've needed a way to watch CPU and RAM usage of a speciffic Windows process real-time and also to export the result. I've made a quich search but finally decided to write it by myself.

Here is the image of the final result:

The only setting that need to be made is to enter the PID of the monitored process (and press "Start" ofc)

The tool will grab CPU/RAM usage of the process each second and will display the results in a grid view and in two basic line charts (one for CPU and one for RAM usage)

After the monitoring process is over press the "Stop" button. After this the "Export" button will became available.

You can grab the tool from here

UPDATED: New version is uploaded. App will export also column with the total RAM available on the machine.This column is not visible in the GUI.

How to find process PID

To find the process PID:

  • open Windows Task Manager (right click on taskbar and select "Start Task Manager")
  • View --> Select Columns
  • Check (if it's not checked already) "PID (Process Identifier)"
  • you will see new column inside the process list - PID

Hope you like it!